Can I ship only to Barbados or can I arrange shipments to either of your locations?

Whether you are looking to ship barrels to Barbados for relatives or for your holidays or return home to Barbados and need a complete relocation package, Transpakship have been shipping to Barbados for over 40 years and can offer advice and experience for the whole process.

Do you help with the return process for purchases?

When a customer brings an item to the store and asks for an exchange/refund, the salestaff will need to verify this request. They’ll have to confirm that this product has been purchased from their store. The most common proof is a receipt.

Does your company make purchases on behalf of customers?

The business has purchased some supplies/ materials for a customer whom we have a long working relationship with and did it as a ‘favour’, meaning no profit added on top, just passing on the price and GST

Are shipments insured by your company?

Legally, all carriers must carry a minimum amount of insurance, known as carrier liability. However, carrier liability provides very limited coverage, and anything from natural disasters to vehicle accidents or even acts of war could damage your cargo. Therefore, shippers can request cargo insurance to protect their goods from loss, damage, or theft while in transit. Generally, goods are insured while being stored and while in transit, until they reach the buyer.

How do you treat customs charges?

Customs Duty is a tax imposed on imports and exports of goods.

What are your shipping timeframes?

Estimated number of days you will receive your order after placing it on the website.

What items are restricted for shipping?

Aerosol cans, Matches

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